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    Any upcoming gigs :-)??

    I’m seeing a few rappers next Saturday in Melbourne, and then after Exams I’m heading up to Queenscliff with a few friends to see some cool bands. Other than that not really.

    Favourite bands?

    Nickelback are pretty mint

    top 10 bands you've seen live????

    In order. 

    10. The Killers

    9. Vampire Weekend

    8. Northeast Party House

    7. RHCP

    6. Coldplay

    5. Bluejuice

    4. Tame Impala

    3. The Hives

    2. Arcade Fire

    1. Phoenix 

    do you actually like rap music? who are your favorite artists?

    Ive answered this before but, id say my favourite rapper overall is Gambino, mostly because of his work ethic, and the quality match to the quantity. Kendrick Lamar comes in at a close second, hes probably a better rapper, and is good at whole pieces of work, but id say as a unit Gambino is the best rapper at the moment. He’s also pretty inspiring in terms of how many different things he has achieved in such a short career.